Tips for Renting Your First Apartment

It’s a scary thought for some college students, moving out of your homes to a college dorm far away. Now imagine moving into an apartment either on or off campus. Don’t fear. I asked students from Point Park University for their tips on moving into your first apartment.

“Don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions. Ask about utilities and specifically which ones are or are not included. Ask about security, the move in process and how payments work. Make sure you are aware of everything up front.” – Sarah Miller

“Do not say yes to the first place you like. It’s always smart to look at all of your options so you can make a smart decision.” – Michelle Hepp

“If living with roommates, make sure they’re one thousand percent committed so they don’t leave you at the last minute.” – Suzanne Gomes

“Flush the toilets and use all the sinks. Make sure the water flow is good, Oakland is known for bad plumbing in areas.” – Matt Marks

“Have a first aid kit ready because you’ll never know when you might need it. When you’re packing up, make a list so you know what you have already and what you need to get for your apartment.”  – Sam Morrison

“Visit the apartment in person, not online, and background check the landlord. Have an idea on what kind of apartment you want. Look at the details of the apartment, like how many electrical outlets and if it has its own laundry stuff. Understand the terms of the lease and what you have to pay and what you don’t have to pay.” – Trever Sheets

Compiled by Tyler Polk


Tyler Polk is an award-winning  Journalism Major with a Broadcasting Minor. He will graduate in April 2017.