Affordable Housing Draws Millennials Back to the ‘Burgh

Photo by Chloe Jakiela.
Photo by Chloe Jakiela.

Since the start of Pittsburgh’s real estate market recovery a few years ago, there is one group that has returned to the city in droves: Millennials.

According to the American Community Survey, between 2005-2009 just 9.5% of citizens in Pittsburgh were between the ages of 25-29, and just 6.6% were between the ages of 30-34. However, by 2014 those numbers rose. The 25-29 demographic rose 1.3% to 10.8%, while the 30-34 demographic also rose 1.3%, topping off at 7.9%.

In fact, these numbers are only expected to rise. According to a projection from in 2015, Pittsburgh will rank as the second-busiest market for millennial homebuyers in 2016. This projection came from a formula encompassing millennial population, employment growth and housing affordability. The city that edged out Pittsburgh for the top spot was Atlanta.

Compiled by Phil Poupore


Phillip Poupore is a senior journalism major at Point Park University. He aspires to one day work as a PGA Tour reporter.